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Agricultural Technology

We are pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural world with the unsurpassed technology and expertise to create sustainable, renewable solutions for cannabis cultivation, food production and agricultural research and development. Our large-scale facilities allow us to increase production quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality.

Pioneering the Medical Cannabis Industry

Investing resources into researching and understanding as many different extraction techniques as possible is one of our top priorities. This will aid us to more effectively and reproducibly design and create extracts with the intent of offering more targeted treatments for a wide variety of ailments. This process is data, as well as labor intensive, but we believe that this fundamental understanding of extraction and purification techniques is pivotal and a mandatory foundation for any future work or collaborations in the interest of cannabinoid and terpenoid-based therapeutics.

We are uniquely positioned to operate safe and successful medical cannabis cultivation facilities throughout the United States. Our team has extensive experience working within the medical cannabis industry, with experts who have played an integral part in developing lucrative corporations.

Dedicated to Urban Agriculture for a Greener World

Our vision for urban agriculture is simple: To help transform, through innovation, the way we feed the global population through methods that are both sustainable, as well as environmentally friendly. We have the team, the products and the resources to assist the "urban" farmer in increasing production with minimal environmental impact. By utilizing our processes and best practices, in conjunction with our manufacturing capabilities and products, our customers can be assured their agriculture goals can be achieved. We are dedicated to a greener world.

With over four decades of proven agricultural success, we are committed to redefining cannabis cultivation. Using the industry’s most innovative practices in a controlled modern greenhouse environment, we deliver the highest quality product available.

GrowOp Technology

GrowOp Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced horticultural equipment and software for the automation and intelligent control of cultivation systems. GrowOp’s systems offer the benefits of proven technical experience in the construction of environmentally-friendly facilities capable of producing only the safest, high-grades of cannabis—free of contaminants and harmful residues. The company’s cultivation technologies have been implemented into hundreds of state-of- the-art facilities worldwide. GrowOp has been prominently featured by major media and news outlets including CNN, National Geographic, MSNBC, Bloomberg and more.

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We operate several wholly-owned subsidiaries in both medical cannabis and urban agriculture.

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