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At Terra Tech, we operate several subsidiaries in both medical cannabis and urban agriculture. We are pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural world with the unsurpassed technology and expertise to create sustainable, renewable solutions for cannabis cultivation, agricultural research and development, as well as food production.


The nation's benchmark brand of medical cannabis
IVXX™ is committed to building a recognizable, superior brand that delivers unsurpassed quality and consistency to consumers of recreational and medical cannabis throughout the legal U.S. markets.

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Serving medical cannabis to patients
Blum™ is a retail medical cannabis facility focused on providing the highest quality medical cannabis to patients who are looking for alternative treatments for their chronic medical conditions. Blum™’s focus is to provide the highest level of personal care coupled with a broad selection of medical cannabis products including flowers, concentrates and edibles.

Their friendly and professional staff can assist patients with selecting the perfect product and strain to treat their specific condition. Their experience with aligning patients and products can help accelerate a patient’s treatment, helping them avoid lengthy trial and error experimentation.

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Leaders in the medical cannabis permit
application and cultivation process

MediFarm is a medical cannabis company that manages the formal RFP process, winning permits for marijuana cultivation, production and dispensaries for Terra Tech. As the industry leader in medical cannabis permit application and procurement, the company operates in strict compliance with all state and local laws and regulations, developing state-of-the-art sites, with profitable, efficient systems of operation. The MediFarm team has operated licensed facilities in California for more than two years, and has recently been awarded approval to operate facilities in the State of Nevada.

GrowOp Technology

GrowOp Technology specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced horticultural equipment and software for the automation and intelligent control of cultivation systems. GrowOp’s systems offer the benefits of proven technical experience in the construction of environmentally-friendly facilities capable of producing only the safest, high-grades of cannabis – free of contaminants and harmful residues. The company’s cultivation technologies have been implemented into hundreds of state-of-the-art facilities worldwide. GrowOp has been prominently featured by major media news outlets including CNN, National Geographic, MSNBC, Bloomberg and more.

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