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Committed to cultivating and providing the highest quality cannabis and other agricultural products

The Future of

Medical Cannabis
& Urban Agriculture

Terra Tech Corp is a vertically integrated cannabis-focused agriculture company. We’re pioneering the future by integrating the best of the natural world with technology to create sustainable solutions for medical cannabis production, extraction and distribution, plant science research and development, food production and Closed Environment Agriculture (CEA). Through this development, we have created relevant brands in both the cannabis and agriculture industries.

Committed to Cultivating and Providing

The Highest Quality Medical Cannabis

Through multiple subsidiaries in this space, we are committed to cultivating and providing the highest quality medical cannabis consistently delivered to qualified, registered medical marijuana establishments in the safest and most secure manner.

Our commitment to advancing research within the medical cannabis industry will lead our approach in cultivating and cross-breeding strains of medical cannabis that treat a variety of ailments. We are uniquely positioned to operate safe and successful medical cannabis cultivation facilities throughout the United States.

"U.S. Legal Pot Sales Expected to Hit $8 Billion Per Year By 2018"

-Huffington Post

Our Dispensary Model

Our dispensary model is simple: providing consistency in every patient experience. We are setting a higher standard for patients who utilize our dispensaries – they can expect the same look, feel, experience and strong sense of security at every location.

Regardless of the state or specific dispensary, patients will know they are obtaining the best product available on the market today.

Benefits of Cultivating Cannabis
With Our Superior Agriculture

We’ve harnessed the power of our superior agricultural experience to cultivate cannabis in state-of-the-art, environmentally controlled greenhouses. This positions us as the future sole leader in the booming cannabis market.

Our proven greenhouse growing systems perform reliably, sustainably and profitably:
Energy efficiency
offers operational
savings up to 75%
Recycled water systems
provide a sustainable model
for future agriculture
Our industry exclusive moving table hydroponic growing system offers:
Up to
30% More
annual harvest yield
Up to
50% Savings
in operational cost
Up to
50% Increase
in gross margin
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Sustainable Farming Is Our Passion

Our produce subsidiary, Edible Garden®, was founded to meet a growing demand from both retailers and consumers to have year-round access to culinary greens unaffected by unstable market forces.

The company is now a fast-growing family of co-op local growers across the United States, specializing in fresh, hydroponic, non-GMO produce, herbs and leafy greens. Their local farmers deliver the safest, most nutrient-rich products to the same convenient supermarkets where customers do their regular shopping. While other brands – including those certified organic – are often imported from outside the United States. Edible Garden®’s local farmers exclusively grow, pack and ship their own products. This business model allows for unsurpassed monitoring and quality assurance, from planting to delivery.

Our Products and Facilities are Certified Fresh from:

Sustainable Farming Sustainable Farming Sustainable Farming

A Look Back As We Leap Forward

We have reached major milestones in the growth potential for Terra Tech, in
addition to groundbreaking changes in the medical cannabis industry.

Feb. 2012

Completed the reverse merger

April 2013

Terra Tech acquires Edible Garden®

June 2013

Began construction on 5-acre greenhouse facility


More than doubled supermarket presence from 300 to 800 stores

June 2014

Edible Garden® gains GFSI certification

Oct. 2014

Began manufacturing concentrated medical cannabis through Oakland-based lab

Nov. 2014

Awarded eight (8) permits for cannabis distribution in Nevada

Dec. 2014

Completed installation of state-of-the-art movable hydroponic tables

Dec. 2014

Edible Garden® receives USDA Organic certification

Dec. 2014

Launched IVXX™, one of the nations first brands of cannabis products


Raised over $10 million in investor capital

2014 totals

Received over 200 media impressions in print, broadcast and internet

Giving Back

Our brands have a social mandate to give back. What does that mean? Well to us it doesn’t just mean writing a check, it means getting involved whether it be an environmental concern or social reform. Our people and our partners get involved with our efforts to change the lives of others. Below are a few of our favorite organizations. Take some time to get involved too!

humane society
drug policy alliance
veterans to farmers


Our extensive experience and knowledge in agriculture positions us to create,
grow and sell the highest premium cannabis brand on the market.